WILCO – “Monday” (Live)


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  1. agreed! I've seen a lot of concerts, but Wilco is the one band that keeps me going back for more…. I've seen them six times now and without a doubt in my mind they are easily the best live current day rock band I have ever seen.

  2. It's kinda a hard hitting song – it would suck to play traditional grip, but you are right I don't think I've ever seen him play this way either!

  3. some of the comments on this video = impulsive intelligence

    anyway, this is such a classic cut. the first Wilco tune I ever heard. Spawned a full blown love affair. Great performance.

  4. this is a garage band type song, but its not exactly the type of thing they're known for. Look up songs like Bull Black Nova, Art of Almost, and Impossible Germany and you'll see why they get such high praise and a lot of radiohead comparisons for their experimental and perfectionist nature 🙂 But of course they also like to just rock out every now again with stuff like this

  5. @btxrocks

    Oh, I wouldn't go as far as that.I did see a lot of good acts in concert.When I saw Wilco live a couple of months ago, Jonathan Wilson opened for them and he was downright brilliant.Check him out

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