Why You Should Never Use Indicators in Forex Trading?


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  1. Thanks for the confirmation – however I do like the Cloud Indicator and Bollinger Bands!

    Can anyone advise on ECN Forex Broker? Signed up with Interactive Brokers so far.

  2. Thank you!! I hardly ever use indicators, I prefer naked charts. Also, you're right about not taking those little small trades and that's exactly how I was losing money. Now i study the overall structure, look at 5min – 4 hour charts, place no more than 3 trades a day and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!

  3. Just as 90% of traders loose money, 90% of YouTube content for trading is trash. You are a genius, keep the content flowing. I just stumbled upon you and i will watch every single video you posted.

    Now the question :
    What do you think about moving averages?

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