Which Time Frame to Use While Trading Fundamentals? – Forex Trading Strategy Q&A


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  2. just subscribed, reading the lines of your video i have a feeling your favourite day trading time frame is 15 as i do ,,, thanks also may i pls know if you  do u approve henry liu strategies of news trading

  3. I've put together a short video explaining what time-frame I trade;

    Hi I'm Jarratt Davis and I was ranked as the second-best performing Forex trader in the world by the Barclays currency traders index since 2008, now the reasons this video is to basically address some of the common questions and the comments that you guys have been posting the videos and content we upload.
    Now particularly in this video were going to look of a common question from a lot of retail traders particular who trade technical analysis. So if technical you probably wondered the same thing and the question is which time frame should I be trading, now if you're just looking at charts I can understand why that would be a very big concern, because to trade the chart are you supposed to look at the five or the four hour chart, are you supposed to combine them. 
    How are you supposed to do a top down analysis, how are you supposed to basically figure out the best combination of timeframes to try depending on your preference. Now the answer to the question from my perspective is I obviously don't of course, as you know trade technical analysis solely.
     So I'm not sitting there looking a price trying to get the direction, trying to get a trade from a chart I use the fundamentals to base all my trading decisions. Now because of that it makes it completely irrelevant what time frame you look at, now I do use charts okay, and I do use technical’s a little bit in my trading, however to basically get a direction or come up with a trade opportunity in one kind of place, it's irrelevant what timeframe you use. Now having said that, when I'm looking at my charts I do switch between timeframes. So for example for me when on day trading I look at the 5 and 15 minute charts, if I'm looking for a longer term position I'll look at the one hour four hour chart sometimes the daily charts, but essentially it doesn't matter.
    I don't need any charts if I had to trade without charts I could. So the answer to the question is timeframes are relevant you don't need to worry about what time from your trading all you need to know is what currency you’re trading, the reasons why and which direction and prices at which you will buy and sell and for that information you don't need to actually look at a price okay, that's how I trade. 
    So that's the answer in a nutshell I hope that’s helped I hope that will help in your analysis and apply it in your trading and good luck and hopefully makes pips.

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