Watch The Forex Guy Make a $7000 Trade with Simple Swing Trading!


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  1. hyy,i want to create a group just to discuss the forex market leave your contact;am not a newbie i wont ask u to teach me building an empire would increase profitability of every member

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  3. im new to forex but just wondering why do people panic and end the trade when they start to lose money? like why dont you just hang onto your trade intill it rises back up because it surely has to eventually??

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  5. I was following you up until 6:08. After that it didn't really make any sense. You made 7000 from your initial entry but all I saw were lows. How did you manage to pull that off? It's not really clear in the video. Now if I'm not mistaken you got in at a low from which was your support at the time that ultimately became a resistance, and you just held it for 3weeks and got out? Your entry was at 600 but you made 7000 on a down trend$%!@…

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  7. hi im a newbie and was wondering how you got the alert function to allow you to highlight the early change in trend for this profit all to have occured. could you do a quick video on it? thanks….

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