Understanding Short Selling | by Wall Street Survivor


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  3. Yea, took me a while to understand. I get it. I'm sure others posted similarly, but here's an example. I'm going to borrow a friends phone that is worth $100 and I sell it off to some stranger. I just made $100 for borrowing my friends phone. However, via stipulation I have to buy that phone back, so that stranger, say cracks the screen, now the phone is worth $70. I'd like to buy it back from him. Now, I just made $30 simply off borrowing my friends phone that I never truly owned.

  4. ok so it's buying a stock at a set value…
    then when market goes down selling that stock to the company and receiving the difference….. so why say BAROWING it changes the definition…or am I missing something

  5. After selling a stock, is there such thing as a time frame to buy the stock back? Say I start off with selling a share of XYZ at $10 and expect it to drop to $9 within 2 weeks. Do I need to buy the stock back before the settlement date of selling my stock?

  6. That ending explanation wasn't well done. You could've said "Image if the stock price went to $1,000, now the only way to pay back the debt in shares is to pay $1,000." Done in two seconds and fits the visual representation much better.

  7. Wouldn't the lender want to just sell the stock themselves ASAP knowing it's probably gonna drop in price if people are looking to borrow and sell it? It seems the lender always lose in this situation. So why do they even lend?

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