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  2. ok so let me get this straight, so of i had say 250 dollars i could borrow up to 25,000 dollars, but what happens if i loose the trade does that mean i owe money?

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  4. Yes I agree….what should a new trader who is trading with £1000  have their leverage set at?  What happens when one loses?  What leverage should you use when starting in Forex  100:1 , or 50:1 or 1:1  ?  If we set it at 1:1 can you still make some money?

  5. I've been told that if you lose everything in your account you wont incur much higher costs. Most of these vids explain leverage well.. but leave off this highly important question.  if i trade 1k at 100:1, if I lose it… will they shut down my account when i run out of 1k money…………….. or will they keep letting me lose, bust down my door and say "where's my 100k"?

  6. A get your hands in the air, and get to clapping 'em
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