Trading with the Volume Indicator


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  1. Do not use indicators, this does not work.Indicators lose money, they are created for this! I promote trade without indicators. See my results for a few months, about 90% of transactions are profitable!

  2. I don't understand how people try to apply technical analysis to a basket of equities (like the S&P 500 – 'SPY' is ETF). All those 500 separate charts will have their own patterns and own market psychology in different phases of respective bull & bear runs. You're charting randomness (more or less).

  3. I'm trading with fastbrokers & their PathFinder trading program. Sometimes I have bullish bars with bearish colored volume & vice versa. Is this common? I'm wondering if it's tipping me off. If I get a big bullish candle & the volume has the bear color, maybe it's people buying to cover their shorts, as opposed to buying to get into the market???

  4. Personally I don't like volume indicators – the cleanest way to see volume in real time IMO is by looking at the candlesticks and on different timeframes and WHERE they are in relation to support and resistance levels. These proprietary volume indicators lag and are inconsistent…Look at the Engulfing bearish volume bar above the MA signalling a downwards move on 1st Nov… Lo and behold Price moves upwards for the next 5 days…Volume on Puts and Calls is more relevant to price movement on the underlying stock or index

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  9. I've just started to pay much more attention to the volume. Not sure yet if it will improve my trades but by cheking some charts it seems a movement where the volume increases significantly from one day to the next seems to be much more solid and less likely to be stopped. Again. I'm yet to try it and see how it will work for me. But it is umbelievable that as simple as the concept seems to be and logical as well, it's been so easily overlooked by me for quite a while.

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