Trading Fundamentals 2 – Ranging Market Strategy


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  1. That's an Ideal Trade if u happen 2b rnd when it happens, & u catch that Peak. I guess u could "Put it" 4 an hr & "Call it" 4 a half hr if u wanted 2 Tweek it a bit? The leg on the long side aftr the Call buy, looks a bit weak. Its gonna take a while 4 the Long side 2 come rnd. It feels & looks like its still reelin fr the Sell-Off. PT-!–O2A. . .

  2. Another good training video you talk about doing more analysis before placing a trade could you explain more please does that involve looking at the news for those currencies if so would you rely on xe trader with there what's hot or not calendar or use the forex site for news.

  3. Hey Louis chethan from India I have signed up for cash camp and have assigned for AA options with initial amount of 250$ how much can I gain in 1 month kindly please reply awaiting for your response thank you.

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