The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News


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  1. The past 2 weeks I have seen terrorist upon terrorist attack in the United Kingdom made by Muslim immigrant groups. There was the Manchester concert along with multiple stabbings in London. Not to mention not to long ago the explosions out side of the Westminster Palace that killed many people. I don't believe that we shouldn't accept refugees we just need to make sure they are going to provide for this country like all of the rest of our citizens do. Don't call me racist, because if someone from France or the United Kingdom came over to our country and started blowing things up and murdering people, I wouldn't allow as many people from those types of countries. It's not a race thing it's a terrorist thing. So please think when you call a republican a racist.

  2. It bewilders me as to the amount of people in the comment section who're randomly trashing Trump but never bothered to take the time to watch the debates.

    Trump gave sophisticated answers to the questionnaire's questions, of course on a couple he went a little too far. But that's what makes Trump great, he isn't like Hillary who's a top-dog politician.

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  4. Notice how around 50 minutes trump refers the black community to African Americans and how Hillary just calls them blacks. Just shows how she will say anything to get a vote. Trump is respectfully acknowledging their citizenship and why there struggling and Hillary is just saying how he is mean to black people. It's sad how many black peoples don't like trump because of Hillary lies

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