Sam Seiden: Proper Entry, Stops, and Targets for consistently profitable Forex Trading


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  1. I am missing something here? In the video he identifies supply and demand zones that has already happened and then identifies profit target areas to take profit assuming he is already in the trade? How can that be?

  2. sut dinmo khasser u khuna kayhdr b7al ila kaychra7 l bakhuch u marra marra kayju chi aswat b7al ila 3andu lbnaya f dar. wow this video is one of the best in you tube, yet, very bad quality of image and voice. A Million thanks thou

  3. I consider Sam's advice to be the best on the internet.  But this video confuses me because in previous videos you can hear talk about using volume spikes when the stochastics is low as entry singles (so you are getting in immediatey after  the institutions have just bought the stocke when it is low and because they have just bought the stock it and will not sell at this price the price will stabilize the stock price and force the retail trader to bid more and then the retail trader bids it up more and more etc, UNTIL you se the stochastic above the 80 AND A LARGEVolume spike (which would mean the institutions are now selling the shares they bought.  SO YOU THEN SELL ALONG WITH THE INSTITUTIONS TO MAXIMIZE REWARD AND MINIMIZE risk, but in past videos I didn't Sam trying to predict where to exit oruse fibonaccis.  In the past Sam would say just to trade on what is actually happening and all that is ever happening is more buy orders than sell orders forcing the stock up ormore sell orders than buy orders forcing the stock down.  The institutions are buying when low and selling when high and the idea is to just follow their actions and thosecan be determined when you see that volume rises much about the average because only institutions would have the ability to raise the volume by an significant degree.

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