Pivot Point Basics First Entry


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  1. are you actually fucking kidding me??? you didn't even get to the pivot point and I didn't learn nothing new..Stop making useless videos and wasting people's time man

  2. Picture tells lot more than talking in this video. I am a floor pivot trader for few years. I traded pretty much all the markets it works like charm because floor pivots are used widely by regular, institutional and HFTs. So you can't go wrong. Thanks for the video.

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  4. I developed a formula for some really cool levels that I call GMP Trading Levels.  When they line up with a pivot point, it lends itself to a great trade with ALOT of profit potential.  Thanks for the good explanation of how to use pivot points.  Lets talk some time about how we maybe could partner together and combine my proprietary levels with pivot points.

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  6. I use fractals and pivots with the pipdaq setups and do well from it. They are worth adding to your trading arsenal imo and for me they were the "missing link" I was looking for…

  7. I can't believe how many parasites there is when it comes to those channels, always trying to sell you shit or the ultimate easy strategies that will make you rich. Anyone falling for those is a sheep and should never trade. If you're a sheep go get a job and do what your boss tell you like you're a robot, that's what sheeps do!

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