My 50 pips a day strategy trading FOREX CFDs – VERY SIMPLE STRATEGY


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  1. I was 2 month with him. He is in pozitive. Strategi is wery simpl. I like it. Its good for lurning.  I done some my changing, but i learn something from him.  I Will take his trades again for month or two.  But you can loze ewerithing. Proper risk managmant is most important. But it is a lot of monay for beginers to start with him.

  2. I got a question, if strategy works 4 of 5 where > 4 are(wining 50 pips) and 5 losing (40 pips). For example 5 trades are = 5*40=200 pips. 4 trades are = 4* 50=200. THEY ARE = BREAK EVEN.. And if you win 3 out of 5 you will be in minus….???

  3. I've got no experience with this and havent traded at all before. However, after just a week of following AndyW's moves I've made more than my weekly wage at work. Andy has helped me greatly and has always been there to message me directly with any questions I've had. I strongly recommend that people get on board with Andy. I made the sign up fee back instantly so there's no excuse not to join!!

  4. Excuse my naivety and go easy as I am just starting out, but i thought a pip was 0.0001 of currency unit? No room for profit making with that amount. Or am I completely off the mark. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the effort in putting together this Andy.  You kept it simple which is what I liked as I'm just getting into Forex.  I'm sure I'll need some guidance and will eventually shoot across some questions if that's ok…!cheersDarin

  6. Trading with Andy for almost 6 Months now. I have learned a lot about trading and using andys trading strategy and risk managment was able to make profit month after month. Andy has been very consistent in ending a month with profits. I would recommend andy service, when you subscribe just wait for Andys daily trade instructions through either the Mobile app or Andys website. It only takes 2 minuets to place the trade and that's it for the day. As long as you follow Andys advise you will make profits. It is a long term project as you will loose some and win lots. Younes Munir

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