Millionaire Forex Trader Shares Secret Strategy For First Time!! 804 305 1975


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  4. I don't know what snake oil this guy is selling because he lost me 3 minutes in, but his "advice" about not using stops is just doing a disservice by confusing new traders. Saying you shouldn't use stop losses in Forex because Warren Buffet doesn't use stops makes no sense. Warren Buffet is an investor and not an FX trader, there is a huge difference. When I first started as a trader, I never used stops, but the market repeatedly punished me for that mistake. Now I ALWAYS use stops. I use them because I realized it is stupid not to, not because someone told me to. Stops are what keep small losses from turning into massive losses. It's how you protect your capital when a trade doesn't go your way. This is especially important in a market as volatile as Forex. If you listen to this guy's "advice" and don't use stops, you are doing so at your own peril.

  5. Today made it 3 weeks i started trading with the almighty winning strategy of Mr Andrey Morris and i can say that all these praises about him every where is really worth it, his strategy has brought me back to winning

  6. To be a super-trader, you'll need an edge to overcome the laws of probability and the uncertainty of the marketplace. That edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics, and being able to learn from people who know more than you, cut losses, expand your information network, ferret out ideas, and take recommendations.You can seek more guidance from Bronislava Numan Contact: bronislavanuman(@)gmail .com

  7. I'm just starting out on learning how to trade. I kinda understand why he says " don't use a Stop loss" which I know 'Totally ridiculous!!!' but if you dissect it there is some truth to it. However, the exposure of risk is too damn high if you go out without a Stop loss. You literally cutting your own balls then serving it in a silver platter.

    Either you minimize your risk using your own plan where u incorporate the stop loss so that u don't loose money. also talking about making the loosing trade a winning trade. there are so many factors that influences this. relying too much on charts can have a neg. on the way u trade.

    in the end, noone want u to win, everyone will want to take ur money and that is the best mind set for a trader. literally become a demon.

  8. this strategy is good when u have a lot of money. for small acc…u will not make it. even with big cash….still very risky when u hedge….I still remember during the brexit…spread ran as big as 500pips on ecn acc due to low liquidity. sure your hedge trades will crash. latest flash crash…my broker price for gbp was down to l.l000 level. cant imagine how big is the spread that will take out both side, up and down of your hedge trades, within a minutes u will cry….play safe…use condom ok

  9. by the time I got to 27min…. Its apparent he's suggesting manual hedging at a bigger margin from the long position…. but at 4 times the long!?!?, it becomes seriously risky if the long trend doesn't occur due to sudden market reaction (which he discourages listening to)…. ill take what I can from him all the same…. love the session all the same

  10. No need for complications. Just trade momentum price action using a strategy something like pipdaq setups and you'll be good. Having said that trading isn't one-size-fits all so though some strats work for some people they don't fit the psychology of others.

  11. This guy is like the worst video I have seen online about forex trading…basically he wants you to stop listening to any other person, ignore all key market indicators, don't learn to trade but buy his software and don't even bother setting it up once is enough…this guy is nutz!!

  12. thanks for the information man I actually thought this guy might be decent until I just read what you put up about him he is a total fucking fraud. I want to start getting into the Forex does anybody know an honest person that teaches it

  13. Hello Guys I was given a strategy by Mr vladislav few days ago and It has proved so profiting so far however I have been been testing this strategy for just 3 days though I have made over $6,000 more testing is required before I can classify it a "CLASS A " strategy .. I will keep you updated

  14. what type of trader is this. so if market go against, you will just sit there and let it take all your money. ahahaaaa. he needs TO study well again. anyone that takes this man's advice is the best friend of the market because the market is more than HAPPY to collect all your money if you dont have a stop loss. total rubbish and GABAGGE. aahaaahaaa!!! what type of misinformation is dat. so if you dont put stoploss, which MEANS you shouldnt also put take profit and let your winner turns to a loser. GOD!!!!

  15. state lontani da questo pazzo scatenato millantatore il più lontano possibile long long away e nelle strane idee che vi potrebbe mettere in testa…. non è questo il sistema per guadagnare ma per bruciare un conto in pochi giorni motivo? basta guardare in grafici e provare questo metodo in demo che non funziona ciao

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