LIVE $2K FOREX TRADE STRATEGY (How to trade support & resistance live )


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  2. Awesome video! This one is what is making me subscribe. Keep posting videos like this, your explanations of why Is really helpful.

    I am curious, why don't you use a stop loss to protect your position/profits?

  3. I have been trading Forex since the past 3 years and from all indications the only reliable strategy source I have seen so far is that of Mr Dmitry Vladislav vladislav@optionstrade .cc . When he assures of of $30,000 weekly then you shouldn't be worried because you will accomplish that

  4. I dont understand how she is trading 6 standard lots on an account that has only $2600 dollars in it. Please explain because if that trade goes against you that account is finished

  5. the price could rally higher and higher just because a dodji showed up that doesn't necessarily trigger a sell signal…you're placing random trades around s/r levels…good recipe for disaster (y)

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