Lesson 1 – What is Forex and how does It work?


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  3. This may sound like a really dumb question. But I'm a former network marketer and taking a break from the home business world right now for probably a good year or so. I see a lot of my friends in the MLM and affiliate industry talk about Forex trading. My question is does Forex have anything to do with MLM or affiliate marketing?

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  5. Wow made 47$ in 2 months. That shit takes too long. Does money really move up and down fast like stocks do? I don't think so. Shit would take too long. You'd have to be exchanging a great amount to see profit. Like if you exchange 50usd for some other country then 2 months later it appreciate and use goes down then you buy back usd. That's the only way i see this being worth the time. It's not for people with no money.

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