Interview with a Professional Forex Money Manager That Will Turn Your Trading Around!


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  2. Dear jarret, i am half way through your free forex training program,

    It a pleasure to follow your successful;ll trading strategy

    I am sure this course can comvert me into in a successful forex trader

  3. hello jarrett
    i have gone though your three hours free institutional fundamental course
    i realised your depth knowledge in forex, even though your forex training program quite elaborate, i have no word to explain in simple i would like to coment that
    "jarrett you are the best forex fund manager"

  4. @DrSIBOT There will always be someone on the other side of every trade the amount of winners does not matter because those winners are just winners at the moment , as jarret said in the video the short term price movement is good for the short term traders and the long term traders will wait in a draw down , so its more about the timing the time frame and the length of time a trade is held .

  5. Hey Jarrett, I wonder do you ever feel that giving out this information will come back to bit you later on? I understand that winning traders feed off losing traders .are you worried about too many traders winning?

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