IML Why Use the Forex Auto Trader?


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  1. Mr Fedor Allah will bless you
    A day is not yet I day I don't pray for the blessings of Allah upon you
    I appreciate you so much
    I'll keep on praying for you
    You changed my life sir!

  2. "I did my research" – Meaning: from this one website I found, and my based on my 10 seconds of knowledge about other options, we are better. That index fund you compared with was 14% annual average over 3 years, not 14% total. Most of those comparisons were inaccurate. There is a difference between research and googling. Most people don't invest in mutual funds or protected index funds to get rich quick, they do it to grow and protect their retirements. I'd recommend comparing this more to quick money strategies than long-term strategies. Forex is legit, but your explanation and comparisons would make me question how much you actually know.

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