How to use Fibonacci Retracement in Stock Trading – 2 Hindi Tutorial


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  1. Thanks a lot for this excellent video which helped me to understand the concept in very layman language and my doubts are clear now,it will help me in future for trading!!!Appreciated your efforts and please continue to share your experience and videos.

  2. Sirji u r great because of Maine Kabhi dekho nahi ki insan ko Tina logo ki business me help karate hue sir ji u r a greatThanks for your love and support 🙂

  3. Only 15 minutes (length of the video). But I know, Edward Sir, you spent many hours for planning, shooting and editing.
    Whatever I say now, good or bad; do comment or not, is no matter, at all. The matter is, Edward Sir you worked hard.

  4. Hello sir… first of all thanks a lot for providing us knowledge &a thanks once again for providing it absolutely free. I am a startup trader and don't know much about forex etc, I understand cash market only and just wanted to trade in cash market, I learnt candle sticks from you and now looking to learn tech analysis. My question is do these things I learnt from you works in cash market or not ?. Kindly reply

  5. hello sir thanks you so much for such good and fantastic tutorial on Fibonacci I am almost clear with this strategy but still I need more knowledge on Fibonacci… please suggest sir thanks you so much.

  6. Hello Sir,
    This is very nice technic & u explain very interesting way..
    Will you please tell me while applying above technic, what should be the candle stick duration?
    is there any specific duration require for this trick.

  7. Dear Sir, I do have no words to express ur contribution towards us. Unbelievable , Awesome. Thank-you very much Sir. In the Fibonasic Video, unable to understand where to Buy & where to give SL & where to give target ? Kindly explain

  8. thanks lot sir. You are really awesome and appki har video mein kuch nya sikhne ko milta hai aur vo new chij mujhe beginner se 1-1 level upar le jaati hai … after watching your video i was able to win a tournament which held in IQoption got 2 rank .. omg that is really a unbelievable victory. I want to say that sir keep posting we are all with you and we will keep supporting u.. 😬

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