How To Trade Forex With A Mobile Android Phone, Ipad or Iphone


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  1. I'm a very new trader. I recently attended a seminar that advised using Telecharts. I noticed their software has some mixed reviews. Do you recommend Telecharts for a new trader? Also, I now need a smartphone so I'm not chained to my computer all day – being that it's now 2013, do you have any suggestions on what would be a good phone for a new investor?

    I'm thinking simplicity would be important at this point.

    Also, any apps you'd recommend to help me learn the basics?

  2. Very nice idea, I use to use teamviewer to share charts and trades with other traders connecting to other traders desktop never thought of using this software to connect the mobile phone thanks for sharing.

    Do you know how much data is getting used per min when remotly connected from mobile phone to desk top? I will be buying the samsang galaxy s with 6gig data plan wondering if this data will be enough to connect 1~3 hours daily?

  3. @fabrenn Hi. Team viewer is just one remote access software I have tried and I am now trying others. Remote access give you access to your home computer. Whatever you can do on your home computer you can do through the remote access.

  4. Thanks for the info on this tradeartist. Can i ask you. Does the teamviewer software allow you to place limit & stop orders on your mobile? I know you said in the video you can place stop loss & close orders.

  5. @miltonnn7
    on metatrader mobile at the bottome there is an icon that looks like a chart. Press that icon and a menu opens including objects and indicators. Under objects is fibonacci retracements.

  6. @SHAUNZONE123
    As far as I know all brokers allow adding positions as long as it is within your margin limitations. Even U.S. brokers don't stop traders from adding positions they just don't allow adding positions in the opposite direction.

  7. I cant blv till now there is not a decent app om the ipad that gives u mt4… The reason why i would like to use ipad is cuz of the battery power (over ten hours) and big screen means a better look at the charts while being faster to turn on and off and easier to carry… I think i might have to buy galaxy tab just for mt4 app

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