How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio


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  1. only an economist could imagine a world with infinite productivity growth. This is why we are destroying our planet. In a perfect world, wealth should be evenly distributed, and credit should be illegal. Very good video describing the economic machine.

  2. This video sums up the simplicity that we should be thought in secondary schools instead of the micro view of people who are teaching our youth. The real problem is we need to educate ourselves especially if we don't understand what is going on. I like what Ray is saying even though it's only his point of view.
    So an uneducated conclusion : Which is only my opinion. 1) Sack non productive Politicians who after all are only employed by the tax payers , Of course we can't do anything about the central banks owned by the wealthiest few.
    2) just become your own banker . There is plenty of video's on that issue on this site.
    Thanks Ray, P.S. I am of the similar mind about the Coralation between Quantum mechanics, and the Markets.

  3. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." – Albert Einstein, well done Ray well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 love the man, his philosophy and his story!

  4. If you believe there will be a "beautiful deleveraging", I've got a bridge to sell you. By the way, why do you think this guy is making this video? Does he want you to know something or does he want you to feel like you know something so that you will miss what he isn't telling you? Hint: does it all seem a little too pat and simple?

  5. Respectfully, this is bullshit. The derivative of the short term debt cycle a quarter way along the long term debt cycle isn't the same as the derivative of the short term debt cycle three fourths along the long term debt cycle.

  6. Very interesting and worth a watch through, but I think it didn't take into account how the recession actually started. It hit on the accelerating effects of deleveraging, but it was bankers basically ignoring these basic, classically-accurate rules of economics and going and doing their own thing with derivatives that caused it in the first place.

  7. 3:04 the biggest buyer is the government which consists of 2 important parts, the central government and the central bank. The central bank is a privately owned bank or company. It's no more part of the government than federal express. To say the central bank is regulated by the government is also not true. Since the inception of America's most current central bank in the army part of the 1900s there has never been an audit by the government of the federal reserve, so there's no way it can be regulated, cause it's value has never been disclosed to the federal government.

  8. there is a place in the bible that it was required by law after every 50 years the economy debt was to be reset. debts canceled, lands returned, people freed who owed to others… maybe they should consider this kind of system it might be beneficial.
    if central banks are charging interest from money created out of thin air how many years can they keep that up before the whole economy system crashes. they should consider the 50 year reset button.

  9. The redistribution section was a total fabrication. Redistribution never comes out of the pockets of the Monopoly Man types like Ray Dalio who pay no income tax. It comes out of the pockets of taxpayers who lived within their means and goes to pay either their idiot neighbors who did not financially plan properly OR the Ray Dalio types who pay millions to lobby the government. Both of them are magically entitled to gibs because they "need it" – never is the beginning of the story ever considered! I need it to – that's why I fucking saved it.

    How about this. All the people whose assets and credit crashed can finance their own way out. Chisel this into law, and you'll be amazed at how the "human nature" spending problem disappears when people can no longer stick their fingers into other people's pockets!

  10. Please help me understand the information presented.  I'm a cynic in that I question everything, that said  I understand the concepts presented by the video on the macro level though I am quite ignorant on the details of economics.  Does the video describe economics the way it works in the real world or the way economics works theoretically?  There are several points made in the video that raise questions in my mind. Here are two that may help understand my cynisism.  The video says 1. that the central bank (Fed) increases the amount of credit by printing money and 2. there is about $2 trillion in money (far less than the amount of credit).  In 2007 / 2008 the Fed bailed out the investment banks to the tune of $700 billion.  If #1 is true then #2 can't be (wouldn't there be more than $2 trillion in printed money in circulation, at least in 2007 / 2008?).  Does this make sense?  What am I missing?

  11. "The Central Government can buy goods and services and put it in the hands of the people – but it can't print Money"

    But That only because that the way its been set up. The Central Government could create debt free money and spend it into the economy. In this way it can bypass "borrowing" from a private central bank and paying interest and increasing its debt to that central bank.

  12. This video is great and even though i knew most of it i loved watching and cmoing up wtih some new thoughts but i would like to let you know that i would have appreshated a note that the central bank is private and some details on how they work for instance this whole cycle is possible without them as long as the goverment can print money and does not need to borrow i know that in many conties you cannot have these things and you are trying to show what is happening now but i think that knowing that is valuble to steps that we take to improve the econimy not necisarly getting rid of it but mabey to change policiys to were the central bank is not a middle man that makes money on this ecinomic proccess.

  13. so what about that part where money is printed out of thin air. Does that not just scream "this is bullshit and will cause problems" ? it also seems like a problem we should have solved a long time ago

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