How Much Money Can You Make Copying Traders on Zulutrade


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  1. I am not getting if the investemnts into trading can make 100 % per year, why people bother about other investment types which generate much less? 100% is like gold mine, everyone should invest into traders and stop working.

  2. zulutrade bad experience for signal providers , Im a signal provider for
    both forex and binary , in binary Im under the name of binaryn1 it
    being 38 days and my pending payment nothing yea , customer support told
    me i need to waith few weeks more , can you imaging after working hard
    to make signal and get pay after 3 moths ? that if i get pay becouse i
    dont receive nothing yea.

  3. Never use zulutrade copy trades, these providers make money by trading recklessly, they do not use stop loss so a trade can go hundreds of pips against you and your real account would be in trouble.

  4. Forex Reviews its obvious you have never used Zulu. Those top traders are reckless and are chasing commissions , they try to maximize their commissions and open several lots at the same time and they never pay attention to any news which often leads to followers blowing their account and them closing their account and just open a new one. 

    You making too many assumptions based on stats that are misleading let me explain:

    top rank traders have this high drawn downs and still ranked top and it seem following these traders on the long run leads to the account to get drained slowly and gradually. Profit tend to be small and losses huge and i mean huge.

    The stats of a top performing trader do not make sense.  Zulu does not added the cumulative total pip loss for loosing trade history on the trader stats, instead it prioritizes winning pips by adding the total accumulating history of pips won by the trader. This create a misconceptions and misleading stats.

    Furthermore if i am not mistaken you can not see the trader starting deposit + profit + current equity, 

    The calculation they using for their top trader is not accurate and misleading, what i mean on paper their top trader look good, but in reality when they have streak of huge losses it does not added up on their stats, instead their consecutive wins are prioritized by the system to compensate for their losses. Hence these same traders tend to open multiple orders through out the day.

    Following the top traders and one of them actually being good is a gamble and a huge one. Most of the traders do not care about their followers , they do not use realistic risk management and they mostly using demo accounts and not real accounts to trade , hence they use reckless strategy and don't care if the strategy goes against them they will just create a new account and start again.

    These traders are not professionals .

    If you going on Zulu its 50/50 , you most likely going to loose. 

    The guy on this video is talking a lot of nonsense.

  5. I'm still researching ZuluTrade but there are a few issues I've noticed. The biggest issue by far is that track records of signal providers are simply not long enough. Personally, I would be extremely hesitant to risk any money with a SP who had less than a 3 year track record. Of course this is problematic because ZT has only been around since 2009. The next issue is the lack of things like 'Sharpe Ratio' stats commonly used to judge risk/reward. But I think the biggest issue in my mind is the belief that most signal providers are wizards with fully automated 'algorithmic' trading systems they have fully tested. I believe this is false and even SP's who use Expert Advisors use EA's that are not robust and that are turned on and off at will and even tossed out altogether when they under perform. I suspect that's why you often see a SP who has been consistent but who goes off the rails after a drawdown. Most likely he turned off his weak EA after it suffered a drawdown and is now winging trades manually or switched to a completely different EA, making his past track record essentially meaningless. What you are left with is a bunch of gambling gunslingers destined to blow up.

  6. Before I found you and your Zulutrade recommendation I was researching  I found an honest review and one thing this guy said was, these traders get paid based on how many trades they do, so I did not like that since it is a conflict of interest…..
    ……plus he saw many discrepancies between their profits and acct. sizes  [don't remember exactly what he said in that respect], but he could tell that some of them were adding to their acct. balance when it got too low from losses, making it look like they were more successful than they actually were.  Sure enough, there are no stats indicating acct. balance additions.

    Zulutrade does seem more legit and I'm very close to depositing money, but do you have any thoughts on what I said related to Zulutrade or Signaltrader, if you know of them?

    You know, you may want to consider have some DONATE button for appreciative people to click on.

    Thanks in adavnce

  7. How can i avoid a margin call if i only started with say £500 it it possible to copy these top traders?

    I don't really understand forex as i only trade with binary options

  8. can someone reply to me and explain why 'drawdown' is bad and what it means, I guess it means they withdraw money from their account? but don't understand fully, quite new to all this! thanks in advance

  9. I just watched Tom’s video 1/3/2014.  GBPJPYxiong crashed  on 11/18/13. EXPRESS9 Crashed on 11/25/13, Earth Trader has been in a serious drawdown since 10/3/13, MINDTrader has been in a drawdown since 10/7/13. And Newwave has been doing pretty good since Tom’s report.

    My 4 years of ZuluTrade experience has been about the same. Almost all Providers crash not long after they become noticeable on the “Performance Table” with “Newwwave being an exception.  What I’ve been working on doing is finding a way to discover providers that are moving up rapidly in the ranks, hiring them immediately and dumping them as soon as they begin to lose trades. 

    Also, I’ve been reporting on a ZuluTrade demo I’ve been running for about a year now that shows the results of running 5 providers that have been chosen by ZuluGuard. These reports and comments can be seen on Forex Peace Army.Com Zulu Trade Forum.

    ZuluTrade could be very effective at doing research as to what strategies work better than others imo. But they don’t. It makes me think that ZuluTrade is like a casino. They don’t care who wins or loses because any time a trade is made they receive a fee. They focus on bringing in new money.  They make it look easy and fun through marketing and a colorful website. 

    I’m still looking for a way to be profitable with ZuluTrade but have not been in 4 years. And I won’t risk any real money until I do.   

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