How Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders – Day Trading Strategy


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  1. The market will do what the market will do — one can only make educated guesses based on trend indicators. Even with 50% wrong entry decisions, one can still make good money consistently. Keep the exposure small so you can withstand adverse market moves — and never be forced to cut your position in a loss. I call this the 'Slow' method to riches.

  2. When he says that only 5 banks control 58% of the market, he probably means that these banks are the biggest market makers. Wonder why is it so bad? — Without these banks, there will probably be no market.

  3. This explanation is true in part, however the reality is that if you look at the re-occuring ratio and pattern that forms during these news periods, you will see what is almost a perfect sinewave type spike inducement, that has actually been test run just prior, in the off peak times. This characteristic and behaviour is merely a very simple and easy way for the market makers to collect s/l and t/p and to ride and front run the liquidity in the process and is compounded by the nature of the blackboxes (brokerages) response to these movements. It regulates any profit accumulated, or long-term positions held by the retail sector hence the almost perfect 360 degree buy/sell ratio that is not always reflected in the volumes.

  4. so true!

    Popular Chart Levels are most often manipulated to create faked Trading Signals and to allow for Stop Runs by the Forex  Manipulators 

    Some manipulated Trading Levels:

     Important Highs/ Lows
     Round Numbers
     Pivot Points

  5. What platform is best for U.S. traders that is ECN and doesn't require a high net worth. I have net worth under $20,000 and am looking at a $1,000 deposit. Best way to start in forex with this criteria?

  6. There is manipulation every day, got it, but it doesn't mean your chosen entry pattern will happen.  People will watch your video and be led to believe you frequently take advantage of this – you don't.  What you didn't mention is your confirming entry didn't occur on the buy.  As for the sell off the top, you would've been either stopped out prior to the hard collapse or not filled if you placed a limit order after the 2nd probe of the resistance.  Be real.

  7. Thanks for this new video! I have just one question. Sterling, did you get that trade on GBPUSD on 25 Feb? It seems to me, that the confirming entry did not give a chance to take it. The second candle (confirming candle) was just to large and there was no pullback. Am I right?

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