Getting Started With Stock Market The Basics for Beginners [in Hindi]


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  1. sir plzz clarify in futures if we get one slot at say rs 100 n i set the taeget for 101..if fr a fraction of second if it touches 101 will my square off going to happen ??..basically in equity deleivery there shud b a buyer whose gonna buy our shares bt in case of futures there is always a buyer or seller at every point of time so the issue of volume is nt there in futures ?…plzzz correct my undstanding

  2. sir future me jo margin price he wo kaise decide hoti he
    like apne bataya nifty 25 lot he current nifty 8000 he to total 200000rs. hue and iska margin 16000rs hua to jo 16000rs he wo kaise calculate kiya

  3. केसे है गुरूजी ! आज कल यहाँ बिट कोइन जेसी वनकोइन नामक ऑनलाइन करेंसी और इसमें निवेश की चर्चा हो रही है और इसमें कई लोग अपनी महेनत की पूंजी लगा रहे है .क्या आप इस पर कोई विडिओ बना सकते है ? ये रियल है या स्केम ? प्लीस हो सके तो इस पर कुछ राय दीजिये ..थेंक्स

  4. yrr ,,,, koi esaa video bhi Upload kro jo ,,,, share market ki puri jaankari de ,,, jese share marke =t ke parts or bse , nse , nifty , sensex or bhi bhot hai ye sab kya hai , plzzzzz

  5. hello sir, this video is really nice and we are waiting your next video on all candelsticks and all patterns please share your video on these topics and by the way sir what is your name and contact number. my mail id is ( please share your contact on my mail id

  6. Very Good video .Can you post other videos also related with screeners, gaps , nifty. If I want to learn more about stock market what s the best preferred website or book .

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