Fundamental analysis


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  1. hi +Nenad Kerkez, a good webinar inside your your youtube account
    i have some question,
    how to predict the complete change direction of fx market with fundamental analysis?
    how to analysis the direction of fx market for only 1 months to 2 month with fundamental analysis? does COG analysis usefull for that fundamental analysis?
    thank you

  2. I think there is a missunderstanding of concept in what you are talking about in the hole video ( wich is great by the way, don't get me wrong )  I think Fundamental análisis is a long term type of analysis, the reaction of price due to fundamental data releases are based on Pure Sentiment. for example if an important data is realeased and fundamentaly speaking it should go UP, but it goes down, its just pure sentiment, the price will follow the longer term fundamental direction sooner or later. techinical analysis is great to pick price levels to enter at a cheap or expensive price ( depending if you want to buy or sell )  But I don't see how techincals could be used to determine future price direction… anyways, great video, thank you I learned alot :)

  3. This is the best introduction to fundamental analysis I have ever heard , Great Job !!!!!! I can see how wise and passionate you are about helping others. I appreciate you sincerely, I definitely will be following you. We need more people like you >! Thank you!!!!

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