Forex Tutorial: Technicals, Fundamentals and the Interbanking system (Fed Funds Rate)


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  1. Hello Wayne, as always it was a great discussion. Especially the banking lesson. Thanks again.
    PS. I was lost among various strategies. All were useless, including payed forex classrooms. There was no clarity and everything was mixed up. The only thing those " teachers" were doing well was marketing.
    Last month I encounter NFP webinar in Forex Street. Believe me that was something like miracle. Totally different. 
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm and your willingness to help. 
    … Lots of people talking, few of them know …

  2. Heads again today so buying USD … still placing limit orders at what I believe is correct S/R. Demo acct. is still up alittle but .  The coin toss strategy is helping in that I don't really know whether I am a bull or a bear in my trades so like this it is just luck.

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