Forex Trend Trading Strategy – Part 1


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  3. 1.CANDLESTICKS for pure price action
    2.TRENDLINE with (CANDLESTICK on touch of trend) – look for reversal sigal of candlestick
    3.FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT for profit exit

  4. hmmm!!! I could see some swings about 90 pips or more in the opposite direction. Just wondering why they were not considered a first push in the opposite direction…..for example where the pushes have been numbered from 1 – 3 some retracements looked more than 90 pips. Moreover this stop run thing seem to e happening in the both direction. To learn this strategy I'll have to buy the course I guess!!!!!

  5. The indicator on the charts is simply to block out certain sections of time each day. It is more for ease of use and not required for the strategy. You can download an indicator from Forex Factory called iSessions that will block sections of time for you.


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