Forex Trading, Triangle Pattern, in Real Time, 170 pips


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  1. Nice trade, basically I use triangle pattern according to the support and resistant levels of market! On the other hand, I get professional market analysis in everyday from trade24 broker! So I easily can locate good entry points on current market!

  2. Hi janna,wish best and happy moment for you . i was watching your video about drawing channel on EURUSD and pending orders…. is this strategy working anymore?i mean do you working with this system yet?witch one of your strategy you made a video about do you work on mostly ?

    thank you and sorry for my bad English 😉

  3. Hi once again Janna. Ok, I'm going to answer my own question which I ask below. I ask why the Eur/Usd rose AFTER the greeks voted NO in the referendum. Well, the pair opened gap down. This guy I know SOLD when the pair had already hit last weeks low. So, that means last weeks low was a point of resistance. In other words he sold too late. He should have bought just above last weeks low. Thank you anyway. Always look forward to your posting.

  4. Hi Janna. As I stated earlier I have stayed away from any Eur pairs due to the uncertainity in Greece But, I know a guy who bought the Eur/Usd today. The pair opened with a large gap down then dropped a little more and hit his sell stop order taking him into the trade. About an hour later price started rising again and went up quiet a bit and hit his stop loss. He told me he lost about 400 dollars. He ask me why the price rose considering the Greeks just voted NO in the referendum and that should spell bad news for the Eur. Still the price rose. Personally, I have no idea. Any thoughts???

  5. Hello Janna FX. I've been watching your videos for some time and was wondering if you allow traders on Tallinex to copy trades that you take. I got an account with the broker about two months ago but have yet to fund it. Thank you for your time and the wealth of knowledge you have shared.

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