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  1. I never learn much answering, but I learn a lot asking
    questions. I've found from answers given by people that there are two modes of
    trading.  One mode is going into sessions with the answers you've
    researched.  You've investigated information that is predictive and you
    look to enter positions that exploit those predictions.  The second mode
    of trading is to go into sessions with questions.  You view the market as
    an auction process and you look to see how the auction is setting up: whether
    buyers or sellers are dominating.
    The first kind of trader is like a musician who has studied a piece of music,
    interpreted it, practiced it, and now is performing the piece at a
    recital.  The second kind of trader practices all sorts of music and then
    comes to the recital prepared to improvise based upon what the other musicians
    are playing.  Think about standard tournament chess and think about speed
    chess.  If you only have a limited amount of time to make all your moves
    in a game, you spend your time in real-time pattern recognition, not deep
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