Forex Trading: The Stop & Reverse Trading Technique


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  1. Hey akil I just started watching your videos. I'm starting forex this weekend i've been using a practice account and to be honest i'm just guessing. I would like to know if you can teach me a few things personally. I really need to become successful with this. I know what its going to take and i'm willing to take the risk!

  2. Always fun to watch you trade live, magicman!!
    I guess one reason that make you a 'horrible promoter' is you're too honest to dive into those stuffs 😀
    Your quality is just self-explanation!!
    Thank you for the weekend review, Akil.

  3. wish i could do this, but my broker does not allow One-Cancels-the-Other Order (OCO).
    and its annoying when running for multi targets and you have to close part of position manually. not sure if its broker side or meta trader 4 limitation.

  4. GUESS WHO'S BACK? That's right, after taking a few weeks off I'm glad to announce that I'M BACK with an brand new WEEKEND REVIEW video. In this week's video I discuss a few trading opportunities that are on my radar along with an ADVANCED trading technique called the STOP & REVERSE. 

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