Forex Trading: The Power of Risk/Reward & The Hedge


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  1. Hi Akil, please give me more informations about 12 weeks transformation. I have been registered to the Syndicate in the beginning of the year but I have stopped…. I will explain why

  2. What if you have a whipsaw reaction, like it moves quickly 50 pips in one direction and reverses 200 pips the other way. In this scenario, you get taken out both ways and your reward is nil. This can happen very quicly and even if u're watching , you might not be able to react quick enough to save anything. Or you might have set and forget the trades while you'are at work. Then you end up with zero pips and slippage charges instead.

  3. I personally don't pay attention to R:R. But I'm not using a SL, I hedge – if need to – my losses. People over-complicate things by making trading look surgical. You must enter HERE, set a SL HERE, TP HERE and not 1pip more, R:R must be AT LEAST 2:1 etc etc
    It's not like that, the market is way to fluid for these to be predicted. Better ignore them entirely and focus your energy on hedging and, who knows, eliminating the SL maybe you'll also increase your winnings ūüėČ

  4. great stuff +Akil Stokes unfortunately my time zone is like + 16 hours with yours, so it doesn't make any sense to me to be a syndicate member. Anyway I'll keep on following you on youtube, keep it on !! Cheers

  5. Plenty of videos out there on strategy, most strategy work if you can apply what we just learned from this video. Again, big thank you Akil, your knowledge is priceless and I really appreciate what you are doing. I would hit that like button a thousand times if I could.

  6. Hi Akil, don't know if you remember me mate, I used to mail you all the time with patterns I thought I saw in the market. Just a quick hi & yet another little nugget for me to think about. You and Jason are still offering some of the best info out there for free.

  7. That's a good stuff. I have a problem with setting too tight SL. And even though I have right about next market moves, I get stoped out of my possitions.
    But everytime I watch a video of yours or one of Jason, I talk to myself, look what these guys are doing! Process of learning never ends. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hey Akil, I have been a Syndicate member for 2 months but I am no stranger to trading. I didnt realy have a plan in my trding until I watched the turning point course and now I only trade on a demo account until I am disaplined enough to follow my plan. Loved that example of hedging, I will give it a go on the next major news event and will share my results

  9. Hey Akil, I've also been a member of the Syndicate for 3 months. I've also had the same problem. Mostly a lack of disciplined which I'm working on and getting better at. Like you, I focus on making one less trading mistake each day.

    Anyway, another thing I noticed, which could affect the profit/loss ratio is the size of the pattern. For example: One large pattern failure can wipe out 3 small successful ones, just because of the range.

    But that should even out over a longer time period when larger patterns succeed. So one month’s statics could be deceitful if you have several large pattern failures.

    By the way, great work. Your time is greatly appreciated.

  10. Akil, as usual you know  how find the right words and examples to make it obvious to  all traders from novice to experimented.  Waiting to watch your next video, Keep doing your great work!.

  11. Hey Akil,
    At 2618 course right top shouldn't close above the close of left top in order double top to be valid, but I'm a bit confused, at AUDCAD you said that there is double top but close is above left top – which is the correct rule for double top.

  12. above anything else, i love good R/R ratio, however i find it problematic. as Jason talked few videos ago about ATR and how it is much lower than it used to be, i find it difficult to have high R/R ratio, and structures usually form more than 20pips away for stops even in 1hour time frame, so trying to pick 50,60 or more pips from market that moves only 60-100 pips daily is rather… mission impossible for non-professional traders.

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