Forex trading strategy to make $1 million from $500 in 3 years of forex trading.


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  1. It is especially important, when using auto trading signals software to make sure you have the best available system (Here is the information for the Best One: ) to maximize profit and minimize risk. But, when you do use good signal providers, you can let the software do its thing and you don’t even have to be in front of the computer. In other words, you can be walking on the beach while your auto trading software is making you money. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

  2. That’s the power of consistency! Yes, I also have a master plan but I am not hurry actually! Interestingly, I have 100% bonus in my live trading account from trade24 broker, so now I am able to make double profit in my live trading with the same risk reward ratio!

  3. I'm pretty sure that I'm on to a strategy that works for gaining 1% everyday or very close to everyday! Interesting that you came up with the same idea of aiming for 1% everyday that I too came up with on my own. It can be done! I'm just starting but so far my strategy worked for over a hundred practice trades and dozens of real trades so I am certain it does work!

  4. !0 pips is not that easy to make. The Forex Market is unpredictable and you can get stop out very easily. You also need high leverage and the US it's only 1:50. It would take very very long time to achieve. His math is all wrong

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  6. 1%? seriously??? now I'm not a trader or anything but I do know some tricks and a basic understanding of how to do it. Yes I know what compounding interest is but I would go for 7% to 100% (depending on skill and market trends etc)

  7. Your math is wrong, at 260 days you actually need 2.6 percent to get right ratio. You rounded your; interest rate divided by the number of times compounded, up to .01 from .0038… and it makes a huge difference. Not hating the math just isnt right.

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