Forex Trading Strategy Session: The Calm Before The Storm’s Crash


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  1. Something very important: When I want to download your webinar from FXSTREET's archive, It would be an FLV file around 100 Mega Bytes; The same file is going to be around 600 Mega Bytes in this channel!!! It would be so kind of you if you would upload it just like FXSTREET. I mean I don't really know what they do, But their kind of file is much more affordable to watch. especially for countries with slow internet speed.

  2. Invaluable session Thanks Wayne amongst mania.
    Hoped Yens strengthen …wait to buy on right patterns/levels. Don't have to be first in!
    Had right sell zone for oil but value fallen through expected support…techs predict 14 but hard to believe. just effect of QE kicking in and Tech revolution. The 'Jed Song' – lol – very entertaining – lol !! Market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
    Difficult for China – maybe another year or more. Good for them to de-peg currency.
    Happy for Yen to keep strengthening – have situational awareness; get ready to get back in selling Yen.

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