Forex Trading Strategies: Enter When Time and Price Come Together


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  1. Seems like that your talking about trading after the fact,its easy to say,get in here or get out there,but what about when your actually in the trade live looking at candlesticks and tickers then what.

  2. Hi Barry – Just wondered can this strategy be used with multiple time frames such as 1 Hour Time Charts?
    Looks very interesting I look forward to testing …..Also what platform would you suggest I use in order to best access the trading tools – I use Trading view and it doesn't seem to have Fibonacci Retracements or Fibonacci Time Extensions – much appreciate your advice brilliant stuff

  3. Barry , may I add something that stands out on this chart and when time and price comes together on Fib price and Fib time extensions like the 100% (time zone) and the 61.8 ( price zone) is that the market can move much higher till the next red candle(bearish harami) but the market retrace not much. Is it because because this harami did not occur on a time zone?You can also see the moment it hit a time zone to the next upwards this move down (April towards May) retrace a little more than middle march after that harami.

  4. One question idk if you might answer. Hmmm, in brief words a change in momentum is occurring. I would like to get some more detailed information. I'm basically self teaching myself everything & well…i could use the help. I've seen the type of opportunity there in the market.

  5. Dr Barry I am your student and bought "Swing Trading
    Bundle Course.". I gained some insight and reap the benefits of cycle indicator and momentum indicator. By the way, just wanna to get your advise on MACD indicator setting on Forex trading Dairy chart Vs Weekly Chart. I feel that that setting not so compatible especially at MT4 platform. I had personally emailed you my question to few days ago . I looking forward your reply. Thanks

  6. I agree I wish everyone in this field was like you. I have a question, a while ago I watched one of your videos that was great it showed how you can kind of look at what the pro's are doing and what contracts they are using? Please can you tell me how to find it again  it look like it was very smart thinking. Also I have been using two other tips you gave that work well, I'll never think of rubber bands the same again!

  7. Hi Barry.  You knocked this one out of the park!  Thanks.  You very simply showed how to apply Fibo time extensions, as I never understood before just how they worked.  You've been a real blessing to me over 2 years now, and though I haven't had money to "invest" in myself – by buying your courses – I hope to at some time do so.  Thanks again, Barry, and blessings.

  8. Barry, Thanks for a very well presented concept which is very useful and usable. W D Gann laid much emphasis on price and time coming together but his work is not so easy to digest. What extensions do you use on the Fib time vertical lines ?

  9. Will definitely check this out Barry. Looks like a good strategy to add to other confirming confluences.The gainsboro color i find works well for this type of background color on the charts. Thanks

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