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  1. I honestly lost so much money that I just cant touch it anymore . its not for me . today and thank God after a long suffering I found the perfect guy who has been making money profit constantly . so Ive been with him for a year now and no complain what so ever . I cant wait to recover all my losses but am half way through

  2. Hi, thanks for the very informative video. You mentioned that we can take full profit at previous swing high or exit only portion of the trade and let the other portion of the trade run. Could you tell how to do it in practice on MT4. If i want to trade 0.5 lot do i split to two lots x 0.25 and set T/P for one of the lots? thank you

  3. Nice vid. I use pure price action for my entries and I think it's the only way to go. Using the pipdaq setups has really helped and I'd recommend to anyone trying to profit to follow a similar strategy

  4. Outstanding! Clear-cut and to the point! Especially important, in my opinion, are the time frames the presenter stresses i.e., weekly, daily, every 4 hours – otherwise the graphs would be meaningless. Thank you guys for posting.

  5. Loved it. A bit of a language barrier made it difficult, but the good stuff is always difficult. The reasoning and overall quality of the information of the video are more than incredible.

  6. i dont know anything at all about all this forex trading , ive made an account and im ready to make a deposit of 100 dollars , im a student 18 years old , thanks and any kind of help would be appreciated , thank you

  7. Have you ever tried WPR crossing ADX ? I make the ADX red and the WPR green both on 14 period. when ADX is on top go short and when WPR crosses Take Profit or counter trend trade on separate account.

  8. Hi, fantastic.. i really like the way you teach.. with patience..
    Why not you explain with canlestick? it will be much better to me because i normally use canlestick.


  9. I've looked at all your video's on YouTube and I think you are brilliant with Price Action.
    I;ve also tried a few "systems" but found they have just to many indicators and are hard to read. Price Action is the only way to trade.
    Cheers. John from Sydney Australia

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  11. Hello bro, you seemed to be from Singapore or Malaysia. Anyways, nice video. I hope you could make more tutorials on this. I want to enter at anytime and make profit 🙂 Sounds difficult but possible. If you have an idea how this is done, please share. thank you. :)

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