FOREX TRADING: Live FOREX Trading Room Action using Hangouts on Air


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  1. Ohhh man!! I miss the "smell" of the Live Room so bad!! +Akil StokesΒ you were fired up man, running on coffee and butter!!
    You live a stressful life, Trading and making money, surrounded by 13 girls all day!! The only way to endure is by playing golf sometimes!!Β 
    πŸ˜‰ Stay Safe and Enjoy Life!

  2. Akil
    Over TEN THOUSAND subscribers, over FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE have viewed your videos.
    Not bad for a janitor πŸ™‚
    I must have watched over 90% of the videos on You Tube and The Syndicate and i must say every single one has been of some benefit to me as a trader.
    Thank You

  3. Yeah sorry for not meeting up in time today but its been/gonna be a busy week. Crashed into a deer last week and insurance just cashed out so looking for a new car.

    Widowmakers all the way baby Butterflies are for fairies! =P

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