Forex trading – How to use a spreadsheet for backtesting ( backtesting results and live trading )


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  1. +Steven Hart
    Hey Steven, thank you for these videos, they have be very helpful! I am a full time trader and would like to learn how to do my own backtesting. I always had a friend write the formulas for me but its obviously more effective if i write the formulas considering that he is a computer guy and i am a trader. He lacks with trading experience and i lack with backtesting experience therefore i would definitely vote for more in depth videos of spreadsheets like this. I have come to find out that backtesting is one of the most important parts of trading if not the most important part and there is very little info or tutorials on this subject, new traders need to understand that this is how you make money in the markets and any videos like this are truly valuable! Thanks again!

  2. Great videos, question, I have watched the 786 strategy videos and backtesting vid. When putting your targets in excel I understand stop loss and structure figures but how do you derive the 786 target ? stop loss = entry to stop loss. Structure target= entry to profit target. But not sure about 786 target, can you advise 🙂

    Keep up the great work


  3. Amazing work.. Looking forward to everything you do.. Due to the fact that the Earth is a sphere, some of us will not be able to follow the the Live Room regularly, so, I may recommend both the live trading room and the daily analysis clip if that would not be a huge trouble for you.
    You are a pro and I would like to be like you some time soon. Thank you..

  4. Mentor Program for sure!! A lot of traders don't have the time to sit and watch live (jobs etc), and the benefit of a mentor program is that almost 1-1 aspect of teaching.

  5. Steve you asked, which did we prefer mentorship or live trades..Remember i told you on your MOVING AVERAGE STRATEGY video that i paid 2500$ for membership to a site .Well they trade live but i didnt really catch on.. i thought it would help me catch on quicker and understand better…NOT !!! Understand that trading is FIRST learning about how to see the chart pattern and understand it….YOU DO THAT BETTER THAN ANYONE…..Your nitch is that….NO NEED TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE…U can mentor on how to notice when a trade should go right by teach us how to NOTICE patterns in the charts and spreadsheets/backtesting u do that already…..You said in one of your videos KNOWING HOW A TRADE SHOULD GO, TAKES THE EMOTION OUT OF IT… Teach how to notice what you see in the pattern and mentor us about it…the live parts you show in your video is enough live..just play your recordings like you already do…I'll sign up….I already go to the site weekly ready for your program . Chat is crap….Look the site i'm on, chat is open while the market is open…All anyone can do is say what they are about to trade….well for us newbies , we wanna understand why u did something not have it yelled on in chat while the market is open…the object is to teach…TEACH A PERSON TO FISH AND WE CAN FEED OURSELVES…LOL…

  6. Thanks, perfect time to see this video just getting ready to do my own spreadsheets for backtesting and this helped alot thanks. When backtesting how can you auto back test something?

  7. Hello Steven, I've bin testing your strategy for the lest few weeks. And am getting good results. But I run on one problem with them. It seems that in the times of big news announcement spikes do along of problems. So my question is do you avoid to trade when news come up? And one more thing you didn't say during tutorials, are you living trades over night? Cuz as I see it price action during Asian season don't behave in the same manner as in Europe/USA seasion. Ty again for sharing your knowledge with us.

  8. Hi Steven; Maybe im doing something incorrect and if you have time can you please correct me but I am not getting the same results when I back test as you are ? My example is on the NZDUSD 1H!! Your results show 02/03/16 67 78 -44ww.
    When I back test this on this date with your rules ie EMA 150, Close Pivots HL (15,15). There is no such trade going by your rules can you explain this? Thanks for your time and what is your website called? Regards Jimmy

  9. I dont want to be rude or unpolite, i appreciate what youre doing, but i think there could be a potential mistake in your way of backtesting and i want to know if you ever considered that: in your spreasheet you write down the exact number of pips lost and won, but maybe in that 200 hundreds of cases there are larger winning and smaller losing trades. What i mean by saying this is that you can not know if you earned that amount of pips just for luck (in case of big pattern won) or because is really working, maybe in other 200 trades you may be losing money (because of big losing patterns). I don't know if you understand my question, let me know what do you think about! Thanks

  10. thank you Steve great video as always
    by the way appreciate your explanation to the fibo extention I found my way
    Now to your question about mentoring or videos ,let me answer with another question what would be more affordable for us ?

  11. Hi Steve, the courses will be fine however the live trading room will help to build the confidence of the learner in a delicate market. I would say the tutorial is the minimum viable product however bearing in mind, if I spot a pattern a live trading room where ideas can be shared with not just you but other traders is also fundamental. If you can, roll out both simultaneously, the content and quality will sell itself and personal mentoring can follow.

  12. Nice video! I've just seen a different way to organise a backtesting spreadsheet. Mine is just one table with plenty of columns, but I'm planning to export it to csv and write a little software to give me various charts and insights from that data, so I could optimise my strategies. I would also, be interested in mentor program for sure 🙂 Waiting for the next video!

  13. Mentor program definitely…i suppose the courses would be good as well. although there are a lot of classes out there and Scott Carney is giving away his book for free about Harmonic Trading….i'm game for both though

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