Forex Trading for Beginners :Walking Away From A Trade (Live Periscope)


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  1. Man, Akil, your energy is what gets me pumped! The information you provide is on point! I get my pen out and start taking notes! You're one of the reasons I'm successful as a trader. Man, what ever you do keep the energy flowing because it's working! Big ups to you my Brother!

  2. God damn brother! You know I have two main mentors for my technical aspect of trading… They have made me incredibly profitable, thanks to God… But my psychology, I gotta say man I have not seen another at your heights. Great stuff Akil! Jump out of bed and get that natural high, that´s the stuff right there. Keep it up, a lot of people out there who need listening to this. Who need apply this!!

  3. Hey Akil, how many markets do you trade or would recommend trading? I used to trade quite a few but overtime it helped me to trade less of them due to the fact that I kind of got to know them better with the certain ones I was sticking with as opposed to trading in as many as I could.

  4. Another great vid; letting the trade do what it needs to do and not getting in the way; difficult if you watch the screen and monitor trades; sometimes its a good habit to get into not monitoring trades so much; the stops and take profits are in place so leave it!
    p.s. wish folk would stop blowing 'hearts' on periscope – seemingly needlessly!v. annoying!

  5. What resources would you recommend for someone wanting to start trading? I have no idea what a pip is or anything else for that Btw, there is a app called katch that allows you to save your periscopes.

  6. Akil, here is the real rub …. look through all the comments ….. you go on at me that I am telling you how to live your life. If this isn't a double standard I don't know what is. I don't approve of double standards. Let me explain because I don't think you'll get this….In pretty much every video you make you are telling people what they should do. You are telling them they need to be more like you, more disciplined, more positive, more regimental. You are basically telling them they are useless as they are because they are not like you. See Akil I don't agree. I have been trading for longer than you and my results are more than double what your are and guess what, I don't do any of the things you are telling these people to do. In fact, I'm nothing like you. So I say, your system actually isn't very good and I know I can prove it with hard facts like trade tickets. Can you prove that if a trader doesn't do what you say, his system won't work? Show us your trade tickets over the past 3 years, all of them and we can then work out if you are any use at trading or not or are you just full of bull. Some people have a certificate which proves they can trade well, you don't have that certificate. I've told you that before but you ignored it. Beginners beware, ask Akil what certificates he's got and find out what they really are for. Look for proper proof of any educators abilities, don't just take their word for it.

  7. oh boy! kinda SAD man, just a show off I think. Just think if you hadn't eaten so much, ie been so greedy, you wouldn't have to do that at all. Also if you just go a walk, you'd be fine man. Real sad stuff imo. Just think the time you're doing that for yourself, you could have been playin with your children or treating your wife with some time, but I guess you never thought of that huh.

  8. this is goood bro thanks a lot .. i feel i wanna go for a bike ride right now 🙂 , i have a question akil i am right now doing harmonic and it working too well i want to be good at it and focus only on harmonic cuz i still have a day job that i love (i am a photographer ) and i have 2 to 3 hours to see the charts i usually execute and forget LOL and this is help me a lot , is it good to just foucse on harmonic first and then i trade structure or no ? thanks a lot

  9. really liking these pariscope videos Akil! keep them coming on YOUTUBE and props for being able to talk while biking, I try to talk on the phone and sing songs while running and that stuff is difficult lol

  10. Ty Akil, I'm looking by august Sept. if our economy is still in tact, I'll be looking to start trading, I've been watching all of yours and Jason videos from trade empowered and youtube and most of your email videos. Thank you for your hard work and Happy New Year to you and your family

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