Forex Trading for Beginners: The 4 Stages of Trading


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  1. how do i reach stage 3, i just deposited a 250$ on a binary options account and lost it all, i made around 45 trades won 13/45. I was blindly taking desicions following the 'trend' strategy that everyone was talking about and as i can see 80% of it were wrong desicions. what are the rules that i should take in order for me to reach stage 3, and what strategy should i use. Thank you in advance Akil.

  2. great info. It was refreshing to be reminded that being a successful trader also requires learning new skillsets that are not always aligned with charts and techniques. Great job and I learned alot from this video.

  3. Great video, Akil. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I especially like your new idea of isolating your time, etc. You mentioned that we should go to Charles' page, but I do not see a link to his page in the video description. If you do see this comment would you mind posting a link to his page, please? Thank you!

  4. I don't know why people look down on demo accounts. It makes no sense to 'discipline' yourself for the first time on a real account, or test new strategies out on a real account and wind up losing money. At least on demo, you can hone in on what you're good at, study price action, then start trading small microlots on a real account when you're ready and move up.

  5. Thanks Akil, this video was a perfect example of the stages we go through as traders. I never thought of it in the way you explained it in this video. Very educational and keep the great knowledge coming. I try to watch at least one video of yours, or of other professional traders every day because if you want to accomplish something then the easiest way is to be around other people that have already accomplished it. Thanks alot for posting so many videos. You have helped me tremendously on my path to becoming a professional trader!

    Best reguards,

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