Forex Trading For Beginners Powerful Guide


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  1. Jordan, I was watching another video last night on how to use the Trinity FX script, and discovered that buried in that video was a critical step that was omitted from the Forex Trading For Beginners Powerful Guide tutorial ( select "Allow Live Trading" & Allow DLL imports"). Perhaps this is another contributing factor as to why I cannot get trade orders to generate. I now have to wonder how many other necessary steps have been omitted from Forex the Trading For Beginners Powerful Guide.  I did read a review on another site that said although you are a very good trader, you are a terrible teacher. I'm beginning to see why that person has that criticism of your teaching ability.  Please reply, I like the strategy, I just want to get it working so I can test it before jumping back into the deep end.

  2. You were asked in the Forex Trading For Beginners Powerful Guide video about when and how to change the stop loss. You only fully answered the when part of the question. You did give a partial explanation on the change that needed to be made to the SL, but you did not demonstrate HOW to change the SL. Also used the PRICE figure rather than the SL figure  as the figure to base the new SL on. Does this mean that after trade 1 takes profit that trades 2 – 5 only have a SL of 10 pips?  Please reply to my messages & emails.

  3. Jordan, could you please read my enquiry messages via your web site plus my emails and reply to the email address therein. I've been trying to get a reply for almost a week now. There are many aspects of Trinity FX that DO NOT WORK as demonstrated in the Forex Trading For Beginners Powerful Guide video.

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