Forex Trading for Beginners – How Does Forex Work – 2013


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  9. I am new to Forex. Someone with experience please answer these questions. It might also help others like myself.
    – In trading stock, there is a waiting period of 3d ays for fund to clear before you can trade again with that fund. With Forex, is there a waiting period for fund to clear after a trade or do I have the fund immediately for the next trade?
    – If I need to transfer fund out of my forex account, can I do it anytime, like cash value?
    – How long can i hold on to a currency? Is there a trade deadline?
    – If I make a profit, do I pay end of year tax as capital gain? What a bout a lost, can make deduction?
    – Is there an account maintenance fee?
    – How many trade I am required per day/month?
    – For example, commission of $0.04 per 1k lot. What do it means? I am really confuse with how pip work. Instead of a fix commission Iike stock, fee vary with the total value I traded? How do it calculate?

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