Forex Strategies – Best Forex System With Moving Average for Intraday Trading


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  1. Hi,
    I appriciate your efforts and open to share your strategy and competing very nicely with the international trader.

    Why to use 60 SMA, The favorite ones are 20,50,100 & 200. Any specific reason for out of the traditional MA ?

  2. If you only trade when all time frames are trending the same direction you will enter when the movement has already finished. The lower time frame needs to be in the opposite trend direction as this will be a pullback retracement. You must get in the trade here.

  3. Last example was not good… Because when you show that 17 pips you couldnt earn that with this system , because when it was at the top the H4 hasnt been below MA60.

  4. 1 more question, what in case, as it depicts in your another example, when price is below 60 SMA in 4H and 1H chart but the price keep moving below and above the 60 SMA, this would get the stop loss hit several times. Any comment of Improvement in this scenario.

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