Forex Price Action Basics – Trading Reversals (2014)


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  1. Not waiting for the candle to close on the first trade is suicide, Might as well take a 50/50 gamble. ye it broke the high but it defiantly has to close and make a new high.  Also your stops do need to go under the indecision candle of the hammer, doji ect. If your risk to reward doesn't work out then you simply don't take the trade. if you attempt to put your stops where you said these days either the broker or volatility will just take you out. terrible trading, I think you got lucky

  2. I thought one pip was the last digit shown, so why are the candles on this hundreds and hundreds of pips big? am i misunderstanding something here. Also at 32:16 when you measured the entry from stop loss it shows the figure 320 instead of 32?

  3. Nick, this question is in regards to having 2 targets. Is there a difference in your profit when you exit half of your position at one target and the other half at another target? In other words, would you have made the same profit if you had not exited at your 1st target but just held on to exit at your 2nd target?

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