FOREX MARKET PREVIEW – This Tip May Save You Some Money


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  1. I'd rather take 10 55 pip trades than 1 1,000 pip trade all day long. With my 2:1 risk rules, a trade that wins 55 pips would only risk around 27 pips versus risking 500 pips. Even if I lose 6 of 10 trades on those 55 pips moves I still only lost 162 pips versus 500 pips. You don't protect your capital by losing 500 pips 🙂

  2. Hi Akil!
    Thank you very much for your analysis.

    I have been the last couple of months stalking your excellent work on youtube and I must say: you have really awesome stuff here!

    I started learning forex since 2010s with videos, free seminars in some brokers and also read a book on Technical Analysis.

    I did trading on Demo Accounts and went live one time, but I felt like I was not being consistent and also not handling so good my emotions (revenge trading, etc). After some time I felt like I still needed to get deeper in learning trading before really going live again. I did not lose any money because my broker at the time I invested had a "discount" where I got +100% of my investment.

    Almost told you the story of my life…

    Well, I was really posting to tell you that on Friday evening (ECT) I did my analysis for next week for my 7 Pairs with the mind set that I got from your videos (use line tools, look left, higher timeframes, fibs, etc), and guess what, I did exactly the same prediction as you did on the EUR/USD and that felt really good right now!

    I am on a demo right now, trying to be profitable til the end of the year, trading the daily and 4h charts (since I cannot trade at work) and also peeking smaller timeframes to get confirmations in order to place pending orders after my daily analysis.

    Again, thank you very very much for your content!

  3. Thanks once again Akil. I've been really admiring your dedication and commitment to posting these videos each and every weekend without fail-and with that persistently vibrant energy you always seem to exude.
    Keep on keeping on sir. It is very much appreciated by me and I'm sure many others.

  4. stop talking nonsense dude. people are catching 100-300 pips and you dumb ass make 20-30 with 30 pip risk . wake up you are just being ignorant. catching small moves is not what you should be looking for .

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