Forex Beginner Course – Chapter 1: Basics – Part 1/10


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  3. There is at least a thousand word specific from FOREX you are using in this video alone. You should consider your video is the first for many who seek to undestand Forex. Maybe its a good idea to make a video explaining the tecnical terms…

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  10. Sorry but this is for someone who actually knows something about trading. If I was a beginner, looking for basics I'd be hella confused lol…consider doing the real basics from explaining the jargon, charts, candles etc (in simple language), and gradually ease your viewers into it….just looking out! Best wishes.

  11. I am new to Forex. SOmeone with experience please answer these questions. It might also help others like myself.
    – In trding stock, there is a waiting period of 3d ays for fund to clear before you can trade again with that fund. With Forex, is there a waiting period for fund to clear after a trade or do I have the fund immediately for the next trade?
    – If I need to transfer fund out of my forex account, can I do it anytime, like cash value?
    – How long can i hold on to a currency? Is there a trade deadline?
    – If I make a profit, do I pay end of year tax as capital gain? What a bout a lost, can make deduction?
    – Is there an account maintenance fee?
    – How many trade I am required per day/month?
    – commission, $0.04 per 1k lot?
    – I amm really confuse with how pip work. Instead of a fix commission Iike stock, fee vary with the total value I traded? How do it calculate?

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