Forex 5-Minute Scalping Strategy


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  1. Hi, this enlighten me very very much.. very appreciate this…. thank you..
    but i just would like to know the 50 SMA refers to SMOOTHED moving average OR is it the SIMPLE moving average (dialogue box on the video)
    but.. the description told to use the EXPONENTIAL moving average…
    now.. im confused

  2. Thank you. I have been looking at forex for about 5 years. lol, to scared to jump in, but will start with a micro or mini account once I complete this practice account again. My mentor told me to study pull backs to start again, so I use bollinger bands and came across you video. You must be an educator, you are extremely easy to follow and detailed. I will take a look at your website for training opportunities. Thank again for responding and God Bless.


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