Don’t Use Technical Trading Indicators


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  1. Ha! This was very entertaining. These guys DO NOT KNOW how the markets work, but most don't. 🤓 I have the closest thing to the Holy Grail. Nearly perfect. Predicts all announcements. The Fed announcements. Brexit. The 2008 crash and the coming collapse to the very second. Much love!

  2. Well, I am a news trader mainly, but honestly till now I use
    few default trading indicator for doing my news trading! Forex trading
    business, is a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, so you can’t
    avoid any of them! By the way, I see professional daily market analysis of
    trade24 broker is very useful to understand market trend status! So, in my
    trading I always use this reliable trading analysis!

  3. This guy is a dumbass.  Technical indicators do work if used properly.  I won't tell you which ones I use though because I don't want to make any of you guys rich.  I only want to make myself rich.  Hey, at least I'm honest though.

  4. Indicators do work. These morons just don`t know how to use it properly. It is a tool to predict short term trend. Just like company financials to predict longterm trend. If it doesnt work why would people still use it?

  5. Problem with retail trading is that there is plenty of ideas which make perfect sense but tiny amount of ideas which give you at least some chance to make some pocket money (reliably!). It takes very long time to realise it. Guy like him knows that and that is why he is selling courses. By the way, he is good buddy of Nial Fuller – another Aussie scam artist. Personally I think that in retail trading there is much more money being made by selling useless courses and products than by trading itself.

  6. The only one I use and I recommend people use is the RSI. It is a very simple "indicator" and it just shows you when the market is overbought or oversold. You dont need anything else. Learn the fundamentals of trading first, structure,support and resistance,harmonic moves,fibonacci ratios and elliot wave. When you grasp that you will be profitable.
    I am around a 60% trader and very profitable.

  7. after using a variety of indicators.. i must agree with this guy.. they are late, and they do not predict the future.. with that said however, i do use candlestick charts with volume bars and the accum/dist indicator.. that does seem to work for me.

  8. Charting and technical indicators are relatively recent phenomena. Sure before that traders just used to read the tape and trade on that. If you have the basics correct, like I have in my strategy, it doesn't really matter what technicals you use – just whatever you find pleasing on the eye!

  9. "Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious," by Gerd Gigerenzer explains how 50% + of the time human instinct/feeling/intuition is correct! Statistical charts and indicators are in the realm of the human brain's neo-cortex which houses most of human rational activity, which human rationality is primarily directed at collecting and organizing past experiences, but fails badly at making future predictions. Instincts/feelings/intuitions are aspects humans label as the mental activities directed at creative thoughts and thinking, which prediction is a creative process.

    In short, technical analysis is good for planning, but should not bare alone the entire weight of one's execution to make a trade – trusting in one's instincts has a better probability of achieving success e.g. a human runner isn't going to look at data of his/her past performances and expect to win a race.

  10.  Whoever tells you don't use this, use only that is wrong ! There are different traders with different trading strategies. They all work. You can use no technical or use only technical and succeed either way of fail either way.

  11. This is just bullshit. "Find an indicator that works for you" if you're going to use it. What a load of crap. Sound like I'm buying a sofa. 

    We can all agree that fundamentals fuel the price direction of any asset to some amount, but so much statistics and trackrecords of any asset can show you that in many times the price does not move in conjunction with what the fundamentals tells you as an analyst. Most often the price of any asset is driven by two things, greed in an uptrend or fear in a downtrend.

    What do greed and fear share with each other? They are both psycological factors. What technique does best in predicting the direction of the psycology? Technical analysis. What are the back bones of every technical analysis? Indicators, formations, candlesticks, trend lines, historical movements and so forth. 

    Being successful in technical analysis requires more experience than doing (or in most cases reading) fundamental analysis. That is because you need a "sense of feeling" for where the market wants to go, and you have to be able to use different mixtures of techniques in every trade – not using "one indicator which works for you" all the time.

    Im my humble opinion, this guy presents nothing of any substance to prove his point. This guy basically tells you that he has not understood the meaning of a professional technical analysis.

    Combine the technical anaysis to form a better probability foundation for a correct entry, combine this with a money management strategy that helps you minimize risk even further and increase you profits and lastly let your technical analysis help you determine when the price of the asset is about turn towards you. 

  12. Indicators become absolutely useless once you know how to read graphics.
    Indicators are made to divert people and concentrate them on the past.
    95% of traders use indicators, 5% do not.
    95% of traders constantly loose money, 5% are rich.
    Indicators are a trap. Numbers speak by themselves.

  13. don't use indicators, don't use cars, don't use PC… man it's 21 century, technologies make our life easier, personally i use free software and pretty satisfied with it. check out my trading video on my channel!

  14. Indicators, and technical analysis, are just Tools.  You should not use them unless you really understand both what they can show, and just as important, what they can NOT show. Please use only the tolls you fully UNDERSTAND,  by testing them carefully,  One or two are enough, more is NOT better. 

  15. tell you all the real world. we need to use the right tool for the right job. So understand to use the right indicator for the right time frame (timing). Study well before you use the indicator wrong. and this guy is a loser. try to make himself famous from others. lol.

  16. Very good. After working with indicators for years, I have given up on them. Ever since I understood price and volume action, indicators fell by the wayside.

  17. ooooook, so you don't like indicators. You're right they are calculations based on the amounts/figures already available- then what do you use to make sense of the (apparently) chaotic changes in the market? Fundamentals? They don't help with intra-day trading. Education? Already out of date by the time you read about it. Do you prefer astrology or voodoo? Indicators are simply tools to save time and attempt to make sense of the chaos by looking for patterns that repeat.

  18. I completely agree. I personally can't stand indicators. They are inherently lagging, and cause much more confusion. Sadly, most people don't want to do the heavy lifting themselves, and prefer to use indicators as a crutch.

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