Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for Beginners: Class 1 of 12


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  1. Obviously back testing is a pointless exercise (according to your video) as the future is not representative of the past when it comes to systems.
    I was wondering though. Have you guys back tested your simple pattern signals as these will work according to your informative first video?

  2. I have a question I have just recently started STUDYING the daily trader lifestyle. And I would like to know about your opinion on sure trader app
    I have a limited amount of money too start up $1000.00. Is that the way too start or are there any better ones? Thanks dude these video are awesome & very informative…

  3. is it reasonable to start trading with $500? if it is, who should i use as a broker? I guess i don't have a bunch of extra cash outside of my families monthly expenses. I'm planning to practice with a simulator for a couple weeks, but eventually start trading on the live market. i want to replace one of my jobs, which would be my first goal. it wouldn't take much profit to be able to achieve this goal. I'm talking like $120 a day in profit would cover it. lol!

    I also understand that many brokers have minimum balances. your recommendation of speedtrader, what is their minimum balance?

  4. The part about 1 strategy at the end was great.
    Reminded me of how I used to play poker.
    Think I'll reconsider how I might play the stock market before I actually start..

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