Day Trader Documentary – A day in the life of a multimillionaire forex trader | FX Viper Part 1


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  1. i have been trading for quite some time,seen thousands of demo vids on here, it was a little bit boring and i lost so much. i nearly lost hope in trading till i came across Mr Steve"s posts, i contacted him & that was a turning point in my life. with his strategies i earn fairly enough to care for my aged mama and only sister. i'm certain most of y'all out there are still gambling about losing money searching for the right strategy! contact him if it interests you

  2. i would bang his wife too.. straight over that kitchen table. hes old af he aint hitting it how she wants to be hit. she misses being bent over like she was back in her 20s when she was at college.

  3. The worst you can do as an investor is watch these fuckwits proclaiming their wealth on YouTube. Shut the door, lock the door, close the blinds, and live like a monk. As the quote goes: Investing should be like watching paint dry or grass grow. If you want excitement go to Vegas."

    For the record, I immediately paused the video to post the comment. Not watching it.

  4. I love how the wife is trying to say how stressful it is when she has the best life of doing nothing all day. Doesn't have to work. Just spend his money. What's stressful about that. Go make me a sandwich!

  5. Haha that many screen and still only making 50K? I know traders with 2 monitors who trade PENNY stocks and make the same in a day…oh ya, and they have a life too unlike this guy

  6. I could not think of anything more boring then being glued to a screen all day looking at charts! go start a REAL business sell real products or manufacture something..or buy old houses and fix them up!the Real world is out there people…and you can touch it!

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