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  1. hello i watched your video on adding EA S from expert adviser builder for metatrader 4 website i noticed you only use 1 indicator to create the EA .I want to build an EA as well but i want ad in a Fibonacci tool along with a stochastic would that be possible using this website

  2. i am facing a problem with testing the strategy on MT4 strategy tester. All the settings are exactly as shown in the video, but the test would not run!

    HELP!! Im having nightmares here!!

  3. Hi MT Markets! I was using this and getting the error with too many \\\\ inserted in the code (modify expert button above the start button) when you try to modify the ea… just search and destroy those pesky \\\ by either doing it manually highlighting and deleting or hitting edit >> find and replace >> replace — then put in and replace them with nothing until you delete ALL of them…. then compile/save it… it will have warnings (not errors) and work! šŸ˜€ yey i did the one you posted and got a pretty good return on a two week basis but a really bad return when i tried over the course of a month hehehe gonna tweak it around thanks for the tutorial MT Markets!

  4. Hi. I tried what you did in the tutorial, but when I test it, I get an error message: cannot open file 'C:Program FilesMetaTrader 4MQL4ExpertsYourExpertAdvisor.ex4' [2]
    Is it possible that you could help please?

  5. MT Markets
    , this program generates a corrupted .mq4 file. I had programmers look through the file, it contains problems. You don't know what you are doing or talking about, and you are bad for the community, please check yourself

  6. Please shut down your video. Several dozen people have asked you a simple question that keeps coming up over and over again. Maybe you don't know what your doing.

    Here is the question: This only gives us a text file .MQ4, how do we convert that into a .ex4 file?

    Pretty basic question, right? several users are asking this question several different ways.

  7. This expert advisor builder only allows us to save these EA's as a .MQL4 source file. How do we convert these to an actual EA with a .ex4 extension? In other words how do we convert .mq4 to .ex4?

  8. Hi! I`m trying to make an EA and I can`t figure out how to set my closing conditions. If short (let`s say), I want to put SL 5 pips above previous candle and TP 2x number of pips of previous candle. Can anybody help me?

  9. Thank you for making the video. Can you please help me? I'm trying to make a EA using Fractals. I want to buy when it makes a lower low and higher high on a 4hr period. Then sell 20 pips later. I'm doing something wrong with the first part.

    My set up is BUY #1: "Fractals (Timeframe: H4, Mode Lower: line, Shift 0)" > "Fractals (Timeframe: H4, Mode: Lower line, Shift: 1)

    BUY #2 "Fractals (Timeframe: H4, Mode Upper: line, Shift 0)" > "Fractals (Timeframe: H4, Mode: Upper line, Shift: 1)

  10. Hi I am using a RSI EA it works well but I'm having a problem with it it will open and close trades on the same bar and many other places it feels like I could you help me fix it so it works like your demarker EA I just want to fix it so it won't open and close on same bar and where ever it feels like it everything else is good but I also want to be able to change the variable setting to what ever I want to optimize it I tried uploading the file I have to the builder but either it's wrong file type or it just doesn't recognize the data it's for MT4 could someone help please.

  11. IĀ want to create a fibonacci auto trader using retracementĀ for entries and extensions for exits at certain levels using the variablesĀ for up trend and down trend but can't seem to find any thing on making 1 and it should be simple as hell to do

  12. If you have limited time, & You are not Free to complete this proper video, So why you make this, Every time you are saying, We have a limited time, We have Limited time,You have not actual define the video completely.

  13. i have a problem ~~

    how can i do code reflections ??

    is there any Powerful Tools Ā can Ā reflections Ā  do
    Ā "Extract Method Refactoring"
    Ā "Rename Refactoring "
    like Microsoft Ā VS2012 (C#)

    thks your help~~ļ»æ

  14. I also have the same problem by following everything to the last second and the EA does not work. MT4 was installed before and the EA doesn't smile (top right of MT4). Also I had to change computers to try again and the same happened. An email was even sent to the people in charge of the website and they did not respond. With that in mind, the site is proving to be unstable.Ā Since a suggestion was made to make the video again in HD, I would like to add to that that a full EA be shown please and not just focused on the open/close buy trades but the sell positions too. Otherwise we are only getting half the story

  15. It doesn't work for me. I created an EA with the site but it won't work in the strategy tester. I looked in the journal and it says "cannot load EA" I have tried everything from rebooting my PCĀ  to recreating a new EA. It still won't work, is there any advise you can give me?

  16. thank you.. I'm sure it would be helpful. My suggestion is that you may want to make the video in HD such as 720p. 'Cause I couldn't see it clearly. Anyway, it was a great one. Thanks

  17. I tried EXACTLY this with the builder and I couldn't get my advisor to work. I tried something else first because I thought I grasped the concept. No luck at all. I set it up the exact same way as here and it wouldn't work at all when I tried testing it pls help.

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