Binary Options Basics – Assets Strike Expiry Payout – Trading Fundamentals


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  1. Hi Louis, I am one of those who damn near jumped in head over heals with absolutely no knowledge! Being in the vintage age group I valued the moment I fell on your site. It was fairly easy to recognize the scam sites unless one is very gullible as they do go a little (hell of a lot over the top) with returns. I waited, then after checking some scam sites, held off. Some were spouting great things then seemed to disappear, good thing I waited them out. Thanks for this vidio, I will hold off for a bit but do intend on giving it a shot.

  2. Louis, I am so blessed to know that there are still honest peopl in the world. I am just learning about Trading and my brothe told me about you. Could you recommend books to read and Louis, could you be my mentor/Coach?

  3. Louis, U absolutely rite bout NOT startin this if ur on the Balls of ur Ass. Cuz u'll b tradin with scared $'ers. which will effect ur skill level,reflex's & cloud ur judgement. U nd 2 trade w Gusto , Confidence & Skill on a consistent basis! In order 2 make this wrk. PT-!–O2A . . .

  4. OMG! Louis thanks for saving the day. I'm going to stick with you like glue. Good tips and training ideas. If only I found you before I started. 1st week and £100 down thanks to a failed ink on an Auto Trader so left to go it alone. Week two I will let you know how I get on with your tips and training. Its either going to be a bottle of Moet or a pot noodle for tea. THANK U

  5. Hi Louis good introduction to binary options video, i wish i had found your web page a bit earlier , you seem to have a lack of links to your webpage from your trusted binary reviews ,you do have links to products but not to your home page which is where i found this video and several others , any way good work ! cheers ps i would like some helpful vids relating to ttkitand xe trad i am member of both and yet to make a profit with either, certainly cant get any help from them

  6. Louis, I just wanted to say thank you for a very informative video on the subject of binary options. As an old-timer in terms of life experience and  beginner in this form of trading, I want to learn as much as possible, before taking the plunge into real time trading. Keep up the good work. John

  7. Very good video can't wait till the next one, talking about brokers at the end of the video would you recommend using 1 broker at the beginning of your trading career or more, keep up the good work and thank you.

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